My Blog Posts

This is a list of all my blog posts, in the order of which I’ve posted them (top being the oldest, and bottom being the newest).

1) Some of my favorite quotes

2) Books I read in 2009

3) Documentary: ‘Food, Inc.’

4) Oprah: Food 101 with Michael Pollan

5) Organic food vs. Conventional food

6) ‘The Dr. Oz Show’ w/ Dr. Mercola & Deepak Chopra

7) ‘Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution’ on ABC

8. Cardio: Good or Bad?

9) The problem with carbs (grains)

10) The Cross and the Sword (‘The Myth of a Christian Nation’)

11) 2010 Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach, CA

12) Who is Paul Chek?

13) Does God know everything? (Open Theism)

14) Shane Claiborne (‘Jesus for President’)

15) New Testament Theologian: N.T. Wright

16) Modern medicine vs. Alternative medicine

17) Book: ‘The Last 4 Doctors You’ll Ever Need’ by Paul Chek

18) Earth Day!

19) Book: ‘Letters from a Skeptic: A Son Wrestles with His Father’s Questions about Christianity’

20) Movie: ‘Lord, Save Us From Your Followers’

21) Movie: ‘The Ordinary Radicals’ – Shane Claiborne

22) Genetically Modified Foods

23) Are you working out properly?

24) Book: ‘The Myth of a Christian Religion’ by Greg Boyd

25) Laughter is the BEST medicine

26) Documentary: ‘The Business of Being Born’

27) Why I don’t consume SOY anymore

28) Allergies

29) Why I think Kobe Bryant is the best player in NBA history

30) Do your personal care products contain toxic chemicals?

31) Some GREAT health / fitness / nutrition resources

32) What microwaves do to you and your food

33) Bill Maher on Big Pharma

34) High quality water

35) A different perspective on ‘eternal’ punishment (hell)

36) Protein powder

37) Movie: ‘Jesus Camp’

38) Metabolic Typing Diet

39) Class: Can we trust the Gospels?

40) Class: The forgotten message of Jesus

41) Asthma

42) Are you using toxic sunscreen?

43) Christians & the 4th of July

44) Christian music

45) Some resources that support the notion of Christian non-violence

46) NOOMA – Rob Bell

47) Documentary: ‘Marjoe’

48) ‘The Story of Stuff’

49) Inalienable Rights (not Christian rights): Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

50) I Pledge Allegiance (…to Jesus? or to the flag of the United States?)

51) Women in ministry (does Scripture support this?)

52) Some fun health facts

53) What is the Bible? How should we approach it?

54) Mark Moore: Acts Class

55) Full DVD: ‘Everything is Spiritual’ – Rob Bell

56) The Problems w/ Birth Control Pills (patches, shots, etc.)

57) According to the Bible, is there such thing as ‘the Rapture’?

58) Aspartame = Poison!

59) Book: ‘A New Kind of Christianity’ by Brian McLaren

60) Playin some Bball

61) What Does the Bible say about Same-Sex Marriage?

62) The First Step to Health: Assess Your “Four Factors” by Dr. Mercola

63) Cell Phone Radiation / EMF / Wi-Fi Networks

64) Rally To Restore Sanity

65) Politics & Religion

66) Revelation: Shane Wood (Ozark Professor)

67) Movie: ‘Agora’

68) Movie: ‘Joyeux Noel’

69) Documentary: ‘HARMONY, A New Way of Looking At Our World’ Prince Charles

70) The Great Debate: Did Jesus Rise from the Dead? Borg & Craig

71) The Disciple Dojo: James-Michael Smith

72) Biblical Womanhood: Rachel Held Evans

73) Evolution & Genesis 1-2: Kurt Willems

74) “Love your enemies…” (Matt. 5:44)

75) Paul Chek: Dirt Facts… of Nutrition

76) Vegan / Vegetarian Myths

77) Thom Stark: ‘The Human Faces of God’

78) Paul Chek: Working-In vs. Working-Out

79) Howard Zinn: A People’s History of the U.S.

80) Interview: N.T. Wright

81) N.T. Wright on the Book of Acts

82) Noam Chomsky: ‘Necessary Illusions – Thought Control in a Democratic Society’

83) Noam Chomsky – Afghanistan War

84) Noam Chomsky – Media in the U.S. (liberal vs. conservative media outlets

85) N.T. Wright on the Gospel & Justification

86) Noam Chomsky: Religion, Pacifism, Liberation Theology, Anarchism, etc.

87) ‘Mercifully Eating’ (why pastor Greg Boyd became a vegetarian)

88) Poopie-Police (How healthy is your digestive system?)

89) Funny Atheist Vids

90) Milk: Does it really do a body good?

91) Bertrand Russell: Why I am NOT a Christian

92) Proof-texts FOR Universalism

93) A Conversation: Tim Keller, John Piper, and D.A. Carson

94) Gluten info.

95) Life Expectancy Myth

96) Tim Gombis: Divine Election

97) Nike Sweatshops (if you buy it, you $upport it!)

98) Jordan Rubin: Beyond Organic

99) Beyond Organic – Founder

100) Jordan Rubin – Beyond Organic – Biblical way to eat!

101) ‘The Thinking Atheist’

102) Josh Rubin: 4R Gut Healing Program

103) Laci Green: Makeup

104) Flaws with ‘The China Study’

105) How to Read Genesis

106) According the the New Testament writers, what is the ‘gospel’?

107) (Joseph) Kony #kony2012campaign

108) War and the Hero Impulse

109) Doubting Your Faith: Good or Bad?

110) Christians and the new state of Israel

111) Christians and Abortion

112) Train Your Body, Don’t Drain It

113) Transactional Analysis – ‘Games People Play’ by Dr. Eric Berne

114) Transactional Analysis – ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ by Dr. Thomas A. Harris

115) The Christmas Story by Bishop J.S.S.

116) Credit (FICO)


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