Christians and Abortion

11 08 2012

In a recent study by the Guttmacher Institute, there is evidence that if Medicaid coverage included contraception for low-income women, as many as 200,000 abortions could be prevented each year. (“Expanding Access to Contraception Through Medicaid Could Prevent Nearly 500,000 Unwanted Pregnancies, Save $1.5 Billon” 8/16/06. ). According to this study, if the government also provided medical coverage for pregnant women who cannot afford doctor or hospital care, as well as daycare assistance for mothers who are gainfully employed to support themselves and their children, the number of abortions per year could be cut even more dramatically. (‘Estimating the Impact of Expanding Medicaid Eligibility for Family Planning Services’ Jennifer Frost, Adam Sonfield and Rachael Benson Gold). Too many low-income women, especially those who might become single mothers, cannot afford the necessities that so many of us take for granted. 

Other proposals to decrease the annual abortion rate include guaranteed maternity leave so that women do not have to choose between job security and motherhood, and raising the minimum wage–studies show that a woman working full-time at the present minimum wage cannot afford the rent of even a low-income apartment. (‘A Just Minimum Wage: Good for Workers, Business and Our Future’ Holly Sklar and Rev. James A. Forbes Jr. –  ). Another proposal deserving consideration is to establish special programs that allow young mothers to stay in school and complete their educations. Without a high school education, an unwed mother is likely to end up living well below the poverty line. Enabling poor women to afford a better life is an obvious way to encourage them to reject abortion as a solution to unplanned pregnancy.

It seems to me morally inconsistent and very unfair for a member of Congress to vote against abortion but then not support those economic measures, which experts say could cut abortions by as many as 500,000 in any given year. (‘Expanding Access to…’).

. . .  I fully realize that a bill like the Pregnant Women Support Act is aimed at lowering the number of abortions among poor women and in no way diminishes the inclination to have abortions among wealthier women, who often have abortions because a baby would disrupt their desired lifestyles. But the hard truth is that poor women are four times more likely to have unplanned pregnancies, five times more likely to have unintended births and three times more likely to have an abortion than their higher-income counterparts. (‘Expanding Access to…’). Money isn’t everything, but it does impact the abortion rate in America.

. . . Some pro-life Red Letter Christians often vote Democratic in spite of the party’s official position. They make the case that abortions cannot significantly be curtailed by making them illegal. They are also convinced that those with enough money to circumvent the law would get abortions anyway, leaving those who can least afford it to either have unwanted babies or seek out dangerous means for aborting them. Furthermore, they suspect that making them illegal would only drive abortions underground. They have heard the stories about how abortions were performed before they were made legal: “back-alley abortions” by non-professionals, who sometimes sterilized or even killed women due to botched procedures or unsanitary conditions.

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