Laci Green: Makeup

10 12 2011

Why we *THINK* we need makeup

Makeup Parody

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Josh Rubin: 4R Gut Healing Program

2 12 2011

The 4R Gut Healing Program is an easy 4-6 month protocol that anyone can follow in order to heal their gut. Along with this, following the holistic foundational nutrition and lifestyle principles will facilitate healing and prevent inflammation/gut discomfort from reoccurring. Refer to How to Live a Holistic Lifestyle and 6 Foundational Principles to Health on the resource page of

1) Remove: This phase entails removing all conventional foods, boxed/canned foods, foods with ingredients that you cannot pronounce, gluten, dairy, flour, salt and anything that has a shelf life. As well, we recommend scanning your house and office for any potential stresses that might inhibit your progress. Example:alarm clock right next to your head while sleeping, using conventional hygiene products and/or deodorant, etc.). The main purpose of this phase is to reduce inflammation. Phase 1 is ongoing and can be ongoing forever!

2) Replace: Continuing with the Phase 1, Phase 2 includes adding in pancreatic, digestive and liver enzymes. There are a lot of supplements out there, but you want to find some that are organic or nutraceutical grade. A great one that we recommend is Bio-Gest by Thorne Research Group. Please call if you want to learn how to purchase this. The main purpose of this phase is to re-establish digestion, once inflammation has been reduced. Phase 2 is typically 1-2 months long.

3) Reinoculate: Continuing with Phase 1 and 2, Phase 3 includes re-establishing good bacteria in the gut. This can be done by using a nutraceutical grade probiotic with FOS (prebiotic) in it. This phase not only reinocculates that gut with good bacteria, but it also protects it against pathogens. Phase 3 is typically about 1-2 months long.

4) Repair: Once you have finished the above three phases, you can begin Phase 4. This includes taking 4-6K mg of cod liver oil daily for 1-2 months and taking GI revive (from Designs For Health). This phase includes repairing the gut with l-glutamine, aloe, licorice root, vitamins and cod liver oil. The purpose is to bring everything together in order for the gut to work properly.

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