Poopie Police (How healthy is your digestive system?)

25 07 2011

Sean Croxton of UGW – Poopin’ 1.0


2.1 – Colon hydrotherapy

Josh Rubin of East West Healing & Performance – Poop

Sinker n’ Stinker – This guy is named as he behaves. He is like a smelly piece of black coal that sinks to the bottom of the bowl after an arduous attempt to squeeze him out with tremendous force. His appearance is due to an over exposure to toxins such as processed foods, environmental toxins and medical drugs.

The Swimmer – This guy is light in color and floats. He is a pain to flush. His appearance is due to a high content of undigested fat.

The Bodybuilder – This dude is JACKED! He is typically big and round. He makes you strain to get him out of ya. If you pop a blood vessel in your eye ball when you poop, you’ve probably met this guy. His appearance is due to eating too many protein bars and shakes.

Pellet Man – Looks like rabbit poop. His appearance is due to altered states between peristalsis and dehydration.

Diarrhea – His appearance is due to your crappy diet and your body’s attempt to purge you of it. What did you eat or drink yesterday?

The Flasher – If you can identify what you’ve eaten by looking at your poop, you are being flashed! Undigested food particles making an appearance in your bowl is a sure sign that this guy has crashed your party. His appearance is due to food intolerance and an inflamed gut wall so avoid that food in the future.

The Poopie Policeman – This guy is “The Sh!t”! He is what all of our poops strive to look like. He is Well Shaped (with a consistent contour), Passes Easily, Light Brown In Color, Smells Earthy – not foul, yet he floats… but not too much.




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