Some GREAT health / nutrition / fitness RESOURCES!

11 05 2010

Dr. Joseph Mercola

C.H.E.K Institute – Paul Chek

Underground Wellness – Sean Croxton

East West Healing & Performance – Josh & Jeanne Rubin

Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation

The Weston A. Price Foundation

The Health Ranger – Mike Adams

Ultra Wellness – Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Gary Null

Some more great health links

If all this is completely new to you, start slow, and don’t overwhelm yourself with all these links haha! Take a few links at a time… And if you care to know how I started:

1)The Ultimate Health Bundle‘ by Paul Chek

2) Subscribe to free weekly newsletters

3) Subscribe to Underground Wellness YouTube channel

4) Take a C.H.E.K course

5) Read ‘Take Control of Your Health‘ by Dr. Joseph Mercola

After these 5 things, you’ll be ready to dive further into the other resources… which will then give you a whole bunch of other new resources 🙂




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