‘Letters from a Skeptic’

25 04 2010

Why should anyone be a Christian?

When Greg Boyd became a Christian, his father, Ed, thought he had joined a cult. For fourteen years, Greg tried to talk to his agnostic father about Christianity, with little success. Then, in what he saw as a last ditch effort, Greg invited his father to participate in a dialogue through letters in which Ed could express all his doubts and questions and Greg could attempt to answer them and prove the validity of his own views. To Greg’s surprise, his father agreed. This book is the collection of those letters.

Honest, thought-stimulating, intelligent and well-written. A good addition to any library. In ‘Letters From A Skeptic‘, Greg and Ed “debate” many objections to Christianity, the church, and the Bible, including the following:

Part 1: Questions about God

Why has Christianity done so much harm?
Why is the world so full of suffering?
Is the risk of freedom worth all the suffering?
Does God know the future?
Why does God create earthquakes and famines?
Why did God create Satan?
Is your God all-powerful?
Why believe in God in the first place?
Couldn’t it all be by chance?
Why didn’t God spare your mother?
Why would an all-powerful God need prayer?
Why would God care about us little humans?

Part 2: Questions about Jesus Christ

Why trust the Gospel accounts?
Aren’t the Gospels full of contradictions?
Who wrote the Gospels and when were they written?
How can you believe that a man rose from the dead?
How can you believe that a man was God?

Part 3: Questions about the Bible

Why does God make believing in Him so difficult?
Why do you think the Bible is inspired?
Isn’t the Bible full of myths and God’s vengeance?
Didn’t the Catholic Church put the Bible together?
Why are there so many differing interpretations of the Bible?
What about the “holy books” of other religions?

Part 4: Questions about Christian Life and Doctrine

Do all non-Christians go to hell?
How could an all-loving God torture people in an eternal hell?
Isn’t the Christian life impossible to live?
How can another man’s death pardon me?
How can I be holy and sinful at the same time?
How can I be sure it’s all true?

Greg’s story behind the writing of ‘Letters From a Skeptic‘:

The idea of trying to evangelize my father through letters first came to me as I was sitting in my office at Bethel College preparing for a public debate with a Muslim on the deity of Christ and the Trinity. I was finding myself impressed with the strength of the arguments supporting the Christian faith when I suddenly began grieving over the fact that I’d never had a chance to share this material with my agnostic/atheist father. Whenever I had tried to bring up the topic of faith it had quickly turned into an angry shouting match. But, I thought, what would happened if we exchanged letters instead of engaging in face-to-face dialogue? It seemed like a long shot, but I had nothing to lose. So I shot off a letter to him.

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28 04 2010

hey bud, thanks for posting this book. Ive already told a couple people about it and im purchasing the book soon.

12 08 2010
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