‘The Dr. Oz Show’ w/ Dr. Mercola & Deepak Chopra

2 03 2010

Today’s 3 leading pioneers of alternative medicine each reveal their #1 secret to overall health and longevity on ‘The Dr. Oz Show‘.

“Put down the prescriptions!” Dr. Oz reveals the secrets of alternative medicine.

The Secrets Of Alternative Medicine Revealed

1. Kathy Freston, The Sacredness of Food
2. The Importance of Alternatives to Traditional Medicine, as prescribed by Dr. Joseph Mercola
3. The Healing Power of Meditation, as prescribed by Dr. Deepak Chopra

The Importance of Alternatives to Traditional Medicine, as prescribed by Dr. Joseph Mercola

Joseph Mercola’s website gets 12 million hits per month and he is a board certified osteopath.  Joseph has been telling Americans about the importance of Vitamin D and the danger of high fructose corn syrup for a long time…” Dr. Oz says that Mercola has always been ahead of the curve, but that he doesn’t necessarily agree with everything Mercola believes.

Dr. Mercola’s #1 Secret: Krill Oil

Dr. Mercola’s #1 secret involves upping your intake of animal-based omega-3 fatty acids to protect against cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, joint health, PMS and more.

Dr. Mercola recommends Krill Oil, “an excellent source of animal-based omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Krill are tiny ocean crustaceans that other fish eat; they’re low on the food chain and sustainable for the environment. Krill oil is superior to fish oil; it contains more antioxidants and is less perishable.”

Mercola said that, “part of our problem with medicine in America stems from all of the corporate interests in our health field.  For example, the United States is the only country that allows drug companies to advertise their medicine.”  One of Mercola’s best alternative medicine secrets is to take Krill Oil Softgels.  “Krill are crustaceans that are tiny and generally eaten by other fish. Krill Oil Softgels should be swallowed (don’t chew them because it doesn’t have a great taste as Dr. Oz pointed out to us). Krill Oil Softgels are much better than regular omega 3 fish oil capsules because Krill Oil Softgels are lower in mercury, your body can abosrb Krill Oil Softgels better and it will make  you burp less than fish oil.”  Kathy Freston said that a vegetarian option would be walnuts or flaxseed oil, but Mercola argues that, “there are certain components in animal based omega 3’s that you don’t get in vegetarian alternatives”.

Dr. Mercola’s YouTube Channel

The Healing Power of Meditation, as prescribed by Dr. Deepak Chopra

“Deepak Chopra, an international authority on mind-body healing has been introducing ancient healing traditions to the West for over 40 years. His 50 books, including the latest, ‘Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul: How to Create a New You’, and his countless TV appearances have made him the most recognized face of alternative medicine in the United States.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra’s #1 Secret: Daily Meditation

Meditation is Dr. Chopra’s #1 secret for achieving the mind-body connection. “By practicing the art of meditation for as little as 5 minutes a day, you’ll learn how to get centered by quieting the mind. Incredible health rewards are associated with daily meditation including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and improving immune health.”

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Chopra how to meditate as he has a hard time getting the hang of it, so Deepak Chopra had this video done for the Dr. Oz website.

“Sit comfortably. Feet on the ground. Hands on your lap. Relax.”

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